Friday, August 7, 2009

Move Office 2003 from one PC to another

This is dead easy.

  • On you old PC - stop sending & receiving

Tools -> Send Receive -> Send Receive Settings -> Disable ...

  • Shut down outlook
  • Copy all your PST and other outlook data files to exactly the same place on the new PC
    (I abandoned Bill's My ... naming convention long ago and keep my stuff on a mapped M:\ drive)
  • Use the Save My Settings wizard on the old PC to save your current settings that is sitting (probably unused) in your Microsoft Office Tools folder
    (See Description and use of the Save My Settings Wizard)
  • Make sure you stop any Office 2003 programs on your new PC
  • Do the import
  • Start Outlook and everything's great
    • Even all your eamil accounts have been migrated between registries
    • You still have to teach Outlook the passwords of your pop3 email accounts

Why did I do it any other way in the past?

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